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The ones who care beyond compare.

Spanning multiple cultures, generations, educational backgrounds and areas of medical expertise, our multilingual team delivers care that’s as human as care gets.

David Schorr


Having worked as an assistant at two other Healthcare facilities, David realizes University Center is a special place to be. “The atmosphere, the camaraderie, the connection between staff and residents – all those things make University Center an incredible place to live and work,” he says. David’s job is to make sure that each and every person in the facility enjoys that atmosphere and becomes a part of the University family. Feel free to stop by and chat. Just don’t expect to find him in his office. He will be with the residents, talking about sports or setting up an activity, helping make University Center the amazing place it is.

Margarite Brown

Director of Nursing

When it comes to resident care, Director of Nursing Margarite Brown is unrivaled. Having worked at University Center for 20 years, nothing fazes her. She works tirelessly to ensure that every resident in the facility is as healthy and happy as possible. The passion that Margarite has for her profession is infectious. Everyone now knows that the nursing staff at University Center is top of the line. And with a Director of Nursing like Margarite Brown, rest assured that it will stay that way.

Barry Ingram PT

Director of Therapy

Barry joined the Centers Health Care family in 1998 and was tasked with taking over the University Center physical therapy department in 2001, “People sometimes wonder how we get such good therapy results here with such a small department. I tell them ‘That is how! It’s because we’re small.’ In large facilities, there is a tendency to put patients on machines and let them get in their therapy that way. Here we don’t have that option, so we work one-on-one in a real-life setting for the entire session. It’s tiring, but it works, and it works very well.” Thanks to Barry and his team, the short-term rehab record at the University Center is outstanding, and our residents are kept fit, flexible and mobile. And if you want proof of that, stop by the activities room during one of our dances!

Maria Suarez

Director of Social Work

Knowledge is health.

For the absolute highest quality of care, University Center staffs medical providers on each unit who stay in constant communication with leadership throughout the day. Team collaboration is our forte, and this commitment helps us maintain an unbeatable continuum of care.

Our team also works hard to keep therapies as consistent as possible, tracking all communications through an advanced electronic medical record system. This ensures immediate transmission of information across the entire care network.

Coronavirus Update

Please click here for important information regarding vaccinations.

Per updated and revised Department of Health guidance, we are happy to inform all our families, friends, and loved ones that the facility is able to accommodate visitors. Please be advised that COVID-19 precautions remain in place, and visits will need to be scheduled due to infection control and space constraints.

Please bear with us as we endeavor to keep you and your loved one safe and healthy.

A comprehensive visitation plan is located at the facility.

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